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Dr. Seema Narula

Paediatric Physical Therapist Dr. Seema Nurula is a Physical Therapist, member of MIACP. Caring and friendly with great passion for helping all ages. She did her graduation  from Barkatullah University Bhopal, (A deemed university). She has been practising for the last seven years  in the field of Pediatrics. She headed the Pediatric Physiotherapy department of The child. she completed her DECE Diploma in early childhood education. She has trained on various neurological techniques including NDT, SI,PNF, Neural Mobilisation and also specialise in Kinesiology of Pediatric Taping, Myo-facial Release technique etc. Her area of interest is Neuro-developmental treatment (NDT) and sensory Integration. She is also more passionate towards events organisation and making events for child and parents engagement. she is actively involved in training and knowledge sharing. She is a very dedicated and well motivated therapist, all time active to make child and family life better. She believes in equipment medication and the carry over effect of therapy at home. She has good council quality and problem solving ability to was the child and parents life.