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The little girl celebrating victory!

With my 3 year old showing a good improvement in her gross motor development, I have decided that us parents will treat her as a normal child. When Nishka sees kids around her standing and walking, it would build up her confidence and start to walk soon. So one fine evening when mosquitos started filling the park, we thought of visiting our friends house in neibourhood after the park. I tried to keep everything normal, made her barely stand holding me while waiting for elevator, asking her to find and press 1 for Myra’s house and then try walking till her appartment. She was super excited to achieve all this, but it was not just her or me who would celebrate these victories. When she rang the bell and the little four-year old Myra opened the door, she started screaming “Mom look Nishka is walking!!” The little girl may not even know what physical difficulties would mean but I realised she certainly understands ‘achieving something new in life’. We all understand the meaning of achieving something new in life..be it a mature 35 year old women or a little girl whose friend had just started walking. Love you Myra..
August 3, 2020 Reply

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Tanu Mudgil
August 3, 2020 Reply

Wonderful, it’s a great platform for overcoming child’s physical barriers and their emotional values are given equal importance.

    August 3, 2020 Reply

    thank for your valuable words.

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